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    I have a R&D pully kit question

    On the boats you have installed these kits on have you noticed a big difference in tuning the power shot from ski to ski. Lets say you set up two at the same time do they end up with the same power shot ajustment. How big of an effect has weather had.
    Thanks Shawn
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    Usually the fuel pressure are the same but the shot may be different. I find that not all motors are running the same.

    Difference in the weather does effect the AFR but nothing that the shot cant adjust to.

    Winter time you wanna do tunning so that the fuel pressure and shot are in the upper settings. Best if maxed out. This way when summer comes and you want to take away fuel you will have room for adjustments on the shot. Usually I found that 3 points is enough adjustment. Points being 1-1.5-2. example

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    Thanks Skip for the info, you know its funny my buddy has a RXP and has the rude supercharge , rear air intake alot of mods runs 76 to 77 but still has stock injecters and fuel system and dose not have to go threw all the trouble with the power shot and afr system. I keep thinking more air you need more fuel but I guess there system must some how ajust for it. Sorry to get off topic there, but looks like I may have a blown head gasket. I will find out for shure soon. Thanks again Shawn

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