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    Im Having A Seizure!!

    not really having one but my ski did. i have a 2002 gtxdi that until now was a really good craft. anyhow was riding it down the river the other day, everything running fine and all of a sudden it came to a halt. it sat on the spot for a few seconds and i tried to feather the throttle to keep it going but it wouldnt have a bar of it.

    i cracked the seeat and checked everything and it all seemed normal altho upon trying to restart it the engine would crank but wouldnt actually turn over. sounded like something was stuck. anyway after visiting my seadoo dealer today i find out that my engine is seized. he hasnt taken it fully apart yet but reckons a full rebuild is in order(3grandAUD).

    im jus posting this to see if anybody would know an explanation for the engine to seize and also wondering if i will neeed full rebuild or only top end. btw= i have always looked after it, flush, fogg, plenty of oil, the works.

    cheers guys

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    The DI's are notorious for having a fuel pump / filter failure.

    Make sure you have the dealer check the fuel pressure... If something came apart in the motor, the crank is probably compromised... Have your dealer (or you) do a complete tear down and go from there.

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