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Thread: GP1200R issues

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    GP1200R issues

    This is actually for a buddy of mine.

    He picked up a 2000 GPR about two weeks ago. The ski has ~50hrs on it and we dont know the history of it (ie, rebuilds etc).

    He took it out for the first time this weekend and ran into an issue. The ski will start after a few pumps of the choke. Once its running, if you try to accelerate at all, it bogs down and dies. In order to get the ski moving, he has push the choke in, give it throttle and slowly pull the choke out. Once the ski gets on a plane, it seems to keep the RPMs up fairly good. Every once and a while the ski would die while it was on a plane and the same procedure would have to be repeated to get it going again.

    We havent looked at it yet (its too cold out ) but we're assuming its a fuel issue (fuel filter, carbs?). What are some other known problem areas that we should check out? Thanks

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    Question ?

    Hey there thspoq

    Your description of events seems a little at odds to what could be going on..

    This the ski will start with a "few pumps on the choke" doesn't quite make sense..
    since pumping the choke only either open or closes the choke plates in the carbs..
    This Action in itself doesn't actually add any full to the carbs..!!

    So whats probably happens is when the choke is getting "pumped" the throttle is also getting pumping..
    So the accelerator pump is spraying a little fuel into the carbs enabling it to start..

    This for sure seems to be a fuel related problem..

    First things to check before you rip into the carbs are..

    1/. after the ski has been running, open the gas cap. you should hear a whooshing sound..??

    2/. check the little check valve on top of the gas tank..

    3/. check the rubber ring inside the gas cap to make sure it isn't perished..

    Before you do any of the above.
    If you haven't already.? download the workshop manual from

    This will give all the data you need on the ski..

    What I'd really suggest is a rebuild on the carbs since the history isn't known on this ski..
    That and the fact its eight years old now..


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    checks the carbs, thats what it sounds like to me

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    Check compression first, but sounds like a fuel problem.

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    Thanks for all the information, i'll pass it along.

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