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    Should this worry me??

    Well Im hopefully going to be getting a rxt x here by mid May and in my area we have about 4 or 5 sea doo dealers. The closest one is only about 4 miles from my house so I would like to go with them and he has offered me a price of 13200 OTD with trailer, before taxes. But here are a few things that worry me..

    He told me the rxt x would go 80 mph stock...riiiiiight
    He told me no stage 1 kit could be installed bc the ski already had a stage 1 and no modding would really be necessary...
    He told me that I couldnt add the ski pole due to fiberglass cracking but it seems that MANY people have these and have no problems(the shop is also a fiberglass repair shop so you would figure they could handle this job?)

    Well I made the mistake of not doing my research on the first sea doo I bought last summer and I have done what I feel is pretty good research on the new models. Would it bother you guys to buy from a dealer that really has no clue about the new sea doos? He says his mechanic is all certified and he seems to know his stuff but getting such WRONG info from a dealer just seems odd to me??

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    he's a salesman, not a mechanic. he'll tell you what MOST people want to hear. stage 1 kits bolt right up to the x models and riva's doing more work w/ it. as far as i know, the hull is no different and a ski pole should fit. im a kawi guy, check w/ shibby or somebody more fimular w/ doos

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    Well #1 I'd show his a$$ Riva's site and Jerry's store and point the RXT-X and RXP-X stage 1 kit out and say what do you call that???

    As far as the pole I don't know. The RXT is the same platform as the GTX and WAKE so I don't see why the pole would be a problem??? That's odd that he would tell you that. Hopefully someone that knows for sure will chime in here.

    Finally about that 80mph......I'd totally blow it off. The guy is either trying to make a sale, went by the stock speedo, or doesn't have a clue. Again I would show him Riva's site and see what he says about their speed claims for the RXT-X stock.

    Just talk to them and stay on their good side. See if you can talk to the mechanic, get a feel for them. They are working for your $$$. You have a right to question their work and make sure they are doing the job right. If not, you go somewhere else and spend your $$$, make another mechanic and dealer happy.

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    Go to each seadoo dealer and see what best price you could get and ask each salesmen the same questions and see what their answers are to that..

    my opinion is if the dealer KNOWS what they are selling it MIGHT be worth spending a little more? like i said thats just my opinion

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    I had a little heated debate with the head salesman or whatever when i first inquired about the T-X about 2 weeks ago. This guy claimed to know plenty about skis and had hands on knowledge. He was telling me that when they tested the new X skis at somewhere down in south texas, that they were genting gps speeds of 73 to 75 and that a small guy saw 78.
    wtf. I maybe new to this sport but I know enough to know who is telling the truth. It just amazed me at what he said, and i think he thought it was true.
    Just like my neighbor accross the street thinks his 07 gti 135 hp goes 62 with his big ass on it even at that. whatever.
    just know that you know the truth and others can continue to believe what ever they want.

    sorry to get off topic i just had to vent a little

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    what is it with the seadoo dealer there all a$$holes and pump you full of sh*t. the dealer around me said to me that he ONLY services seadoos that you buy from him when my buddy bought a seadoo in another state and he does the service on it. These dealers are horrible. EZE also tell him that the coast and pwc makers have an mutual agreement that the pwc will not exceed 70mph. Take your business some place else dude is whack

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    You can't go by the salesmorons. I didn't buy from one dealer in my area because the sales guy was an ass. The dealer I bought from gives me decent prices on parts and knew me by name, but their service dept sucked. I have since learned that the one dealer I walked away from has one of the best mechanics in the US (jerry would back me on Stev's rep)

    You really need to talk to the service dept. They are the ones you will deal with post sale, once they get your money the sales guys forget you were ever there.

    There is one dealer around here who won't even schedule you during the summer months if you didn't purchase from them!
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    I would have too agree also with what is being said here. These dealerships and salesmen are full of it. The dealer down here in Corpus Christi, the only one around for 200 miles, says the same thing, if you don't buy from them, they won't service it. I know that to be true. These guys also won't try to give you a deal, OTD is 16K for a T-X. That covers MSRP, 1K trailer, taxes, freight, and $350 make ready(what the hell is that?)

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    Bottom line is, who cares about the salesman, is the mechanic any good, go talk to him and detmine that for yourself. I have had two Seadoo, currently an 05 RXP, they never break. I want the T-X and I will pay the money, just so I don't have to drive 200 miles for service (If I need it).

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    Yeah good ole Gulf Coast Marine CCTX

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