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    Exclamation FS NIB GP1200 65U Wiseco BB Piston/Sleeve

    Hello everyone!
    I'm selling a Brand New set of THREE (3) Wiseco BIG BORE Pistons and Sleeves.
    Will fit yamaha waverunner that use the non-powervalve 1200 cc model 65U engine (i.e gp1200 97-99, xl1200, suv1200, etc.)
    It also fits the 760 cc engine ( GP 760 ) Might also fit the converted 1100 engines.

    Big Bore Sleeve part# 4000FB these are the thickest sleeves you can install to your engine, can be bored up to 86mm !!! retail $119.77 each at wiseco website

    Big Bore Piston part# 757M08550 these are 85.5mm pistons complete kits with pins, clips, rings, etc. retail $158.16 each at the wiseco website.
    Retails: $833.79 and I'm selling it for $450 (complete package)
    [email protected]
    Ebay item 160215693530

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    Bidding is open at $370

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris1200 View Post
    Bidding is open at $370
    We are not ebay so list a price no bidding wars here!!!!

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