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    2008 15f warranty worth it?

    Is an additional 2year warranty from the dealer worth 599 (supposedly discounted from 899)? From what I hear the newer 4-stroke kawasaki's are pretty reliable. any thoughts???

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    ive got an 06' 15f and i've never had any kind of problem with it. ive got 110 hrs. on it and it runs perfect, with the rpm kit. i would say that you dont need it as long as you do simple preventative maintaince to keep it in top condition.

    one thing to consider, i ride only in fresh water, if you ride in salt water you may want to get it.

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    From a "SALTY" guy, I have an 05 15F, use it to race, 99% salt water riding. NO PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER! Now, I'm not saying dont buy a warrenty, it's piece of mind, if you do have to put it in the shop because of problems, it might be more than $600.00. In that case, the warrenty is wort it. I'd get it if I was you. Then do your regular maintenence, oil, etc., and you should be good.

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    I have an 06 15F and after 35 hours the fuel pump kicked and had to be replaced. Then I bought the extended warrenty for 4 years for 980.00. I usually don't like insurance policies but when they told me it was 275.00 to replace the fuel pump I bought it! I hope I never need it but..... its there just in case.

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    2 years for $599 is over price. If do you do a search on ebay, "kawasaki extended warranty" and look for koup's cycle shop. They might be able to quote you 48 months for $600.

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    Thanks for your help, I looked into EBAY but nobody there sells PWC warranties anymore. Great for ATV/BIKES though

    Another dealer qouted me 1199 for three years, a rip

    I went with 599 for an extra two, not a great deal but probably fair.

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    big thing is that these things require a little care, if you take the time to do the little stuff yourself it may save you a dealer trip down the road.

    If you have some mechanical knowledge and have no problem removing the pump and can change the oil yourself along with the filter I would say your good to go.

    There's always going to be something that comes up that you might not have had any control over...then you have to go from there...! You can choose the warranty if you feel you would rather have something to fall back on, or choose not to get it if you can fix whatever breaks yourself. None of us can really answer that...most have had very good reliability with the 15f, others have sank theres...

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    Been a mechanic all of my adult life and I still got the extended coverage for 4 years . It's a small price to pay when you consider what you paid for the ski . Also a selling point for a buyer if you ever want to sell it . Most coverages are transferable . JMO

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