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Thread: Upgrade Time

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    Upgrade Time

    I currently have a 07 Speedster 150 but I find that more often than not I have more than 4 people that want to get in the water. I love this boat but since I usually take it out in the pacific something a little bigger would be nice. My primary limitation on a new boat is it needs to fit in the garage, so from what I can tell the 180 is my only other option. I spent some time at the dealership today and I’m kinda torn between 2 deals.

    They have 1 more 07 180 in storage but it’s not an SE, which I would have liked, and it’s gold and I would like blue. They are offering it for $17k which is less than I paid for my 150.

    The 2nd option is a blue 08 SE w/ tower for $22k and free 3 year maint package with the 6.9% APR that Sea Doo is offering.

    I’ve tried to find out if there are any differences between the 07 and 08 180s but I haven’t found anything yet. I need to decide which one to get.

    On a side note they are killing my with the trade in on the 150, only offering $14k and it’s in immaculate condition with very few “registered” hours. Sometimes it’s not always good to fix the computer .

    My last question deals with the prepaid maintenance. On my 150 I got this option and have already had my boat serviced 3 times in the year I’ve owned it which I think pretty much paid for the plan. At $1400 do you think this is a good addition for the new boat?

    07 215hp Speedster 150
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    i would say go with the blue 2008 challenger. it's your preferred color, it the SE that you want, and the supercharger has metal washers in it stock for 2008. in the 07, it would be in your best interest to pull the sc out as soon as you take it home and get the meatal washers that the 2008 would already have.

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    Didn't know they used metal washers in 08. I learned more in this post than in a week of research. Great advice.

    Any suggestions on the prepaid maint?


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    NOTE: I don't know if the boat were upgraded from factory to METAL washers in 2008, maybe it is just the PWC that better ask before to buy, as you may be forced to upgrade the 2008 as well, and then if you had the tower as an aftermarket buy....this would push the boat price at about the same....first you wanted a blue SE...i guess this one would be your best choice.

    Personnally i got an 05, without the windshields, yes it blows a lot of wind from the short black sport (kind of windshields) but i don't care...that's what i like about this looking sleek black shields typical of the sportboats just like the speedster have.

    P.S: You will find that you'll have to lower the tower each time you enter the boat in the garage, i got an 8 feet high garage door, and the tower needs an aditionnal few inches to go in. I think the boat looks way better with the tower, it gives him a classy sportboat look.

    GO with your heart....not with your wallet, you'll be pleased, the difference between 17K and 22K (5K) isn't going to change a lot in the end if you don'T like the boat later on...

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    [quote=Jeepster;563132]NOTE: I don't know if the boat were upgraded from factory to METAL washers in 2008, maybe it is just the PWC that better ask before to buy, as you may be forced to upgrade the 2008 as well,

    thats my 08 speedster wake case, but my dealer is going to put the 08 kit in it tolfree

    ciao Jim

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    Today I paid for the Gold 07. I should be able to pick up the boat on Monday and before I turn in the 150 I’m planning to swap the upgraded stereo system in the old boat into the new. After talking to Jeepster, I’m planning to get some custom graphics and take the generic gold decals off. I hope it turns out half as well as his.

    I’d really like to get a carpet kit installed but I’m not sure I want to spend $500 at the dealer. Does anyone know of a good place to get a better-priced kit?

    I'm also interested in Hydro-Turf matting. Does anyone have any experience with this product?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Thanks for your kind words, Custom graphics is definitely the way to go...

    Hit Redline Graphix, streetdecals, or even better, talk to SideFX right here on the forum, he can make custom ones for you, they are a bit more expensive than the ones on ebay, but are unique and really Awesome...!

    I'd purchase Hydroturf mats WAY BEFORE purchase the oem Sea-Doo ones, Hydroturf are said to be stronger and longer thing is they are less expensive than the OEM also...!

    Congrats on the thing....remove the crappy ceramic washers from your Supercharger a.s.a.p and install metal ones, a good investment for durability and reliability.

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    I am thrilled with the hydroturf. Easy application, easy to clean, nice on the feet. After one full season, no apparent wear or tear...still looks as good as the day I put it on even without being annoying about what guests have on their feet - shoes, boots, etc.

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    Which texture and color did you go with for the hydroturf? I requested the samples but Iím not sure the small square is going to be easy to visualize on the full deck. Iím really leaning toward this stuff because Iíve read so many good things about it.

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    I would do hydroturf also, the carpet stays wet, starts to smell, and the snaps eventually loosen from the boat and pop right off if you take the carpet out. Hydro lasts for years and doesnt absorb water. And CHANGE the washers, even with 0 hours on the boat, its easy to remove the SCharger, send it to Jerry, he will do it in 1 day and ship it back. This is a good time to put in a Green SC wheel and 4" intake for the added performance that it really needs (doesnt hurt reliability one bit!), after all, dont you have some cash left over because you bought the 07?

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