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    electric box question

    guys i have a problem and dont know which of the two power leads out of the 1200 elec box goes where..

    neither have the rubber boots on as i can see there diffrent on my 13 or i would use them for guidance..

    one red power lead is longer than the other one,and both go to starter and battery alike so i cant sort out who goes where...

    sorry if this a dumb ass question but i am stuck and the manual shows no lengths or base of elec box position to work from..

    thanks as always your stupid uk member ...

    edit rather than usless bump...thanks bill can see it now i blew it up to A3 at work..eyes shot at 36...
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    Paul, page 7-6 in the 1200R service manual shows the proper routing. The wire that comes out of the box closest to the 3 plugs goes to the battery. The one closest to the rectifier side goes to the starter which I assume would be the longer one.

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