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    Anyone ship to the Cayman Islands from US?

    I need to ship to the Grand cayman Cayman Islands from the US. Anyone done this Before? How much is Shiping for a small part?
    I figure USPS is the only reasonable route?

    Please give advise.


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    Yes, I have several times.

    USPS is the way to go. Go to and enter the weight for a shipping quote. If it's a heavy item, but a small part, you may want to look into trying a flat rate box. All regular priority boxes, labels, etc. work for priority international. The only thing different is you have to fill out a customs form.

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    Are you shipping parts or a ski? I know alot of people were planning to come down and practice for Jet around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JordanHaye View Post
    Are you shipping parts or a ski? I know alot of people were planning to come down and practice for Jet around.

    if it were only advertised more we would get pleanty of riders for jet around look how many were at the guadalupe race... JAC 2008 arent the prizes 10,000 dollar and a rolex and a waverunner???? im sure a few states riders would want to get a hold of that!!!

    parts use cayman airways cargo if they are heay.. if they are light ups fed ex what ever..and a engine.. use thompson shipping they are good

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    I dont know about the craft. They did that a long time ago, about 6-7 years back and the same person that put up the prize craft race and won it . but the prize money is alot and they give you alot of extra 'stuff' from different sponsors. Also when you break the previous record you get extra cash and I mean ALOT.

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