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    Waveraider wiring

    I'm getting a bilge pump for my '94 701 raider and need help with wiring. I want to have it setup so it only has power when the engine is running or at least when the lanyard is in place.
    I'm not sure if I will use an auto or manual switch yet but I don't want it to be able to come on and drain the battery if the lanyard isn't plugged in.
    Which wire/s do I splice into?

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    a forum member sent me a wiring diagram and it looks like I need to take apart the starter/lanyard assembly and splice into the brown wire between the lanyard switch and the starter switch.

    I'll try tomorrow.

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    Just buy the aftermarket water tight swith for the bildge pump turn it on when you start to ride and shut it off when you don't have a need for it that is the way I do all of mine! Just my 2 cent's

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    Hey - do the pumps with the automatic floats work in these?

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    im sure it would work but there would have to be alot of water in the hull to keep it flowing, think about the sloshing that would be going on in that little hull haha..i think your best bet is a wired switch

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    good point. i was reading another thread and they were talking about check valves, which mine doesn't have. may look into one of those and keep the suction concept going instead of another electrical part to look after. i took on a LOT of water yesterday, but think it was the drain plug and not the bilge (fell out, got run over, teflon tape wasn't water tight). if the pumps are just like the one in my searay, they spit out about an inch of water back into your hull after they shut off anyway.

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