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    rxp stiil not running right.any ideas?

    as above i posted on her a month ago and found a small piece of rope in scoop i striped pump and grate etc and all was ok.wear ring etc etc.
    i was out yesterday and the problems still there from standstill its very sluggish antil about 15mph then it pulls hard.
    then after a little while it pulls harder from standstill not fully but maybe 85%...then back to nothing!!!
    its very annoying as she goes to 7 1/2k and just sits and slowly picks up.

    there wasnt a problem till a mate changed the washers in the me he was unsure the way the clutch washers went.
    would this contribute at all to this problem????its stiil getting good revs etc and engine is mint,impellor,wear ring,grate and tunnel are ok.

    it feels alot like a sliiping clutch on a car or the way your ski is when the wear rings away only worse.

    i just cant understand why its pulling away its worst and then get a touch better then shit again.

    plz plz plz any ideas lol????

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    carbon seal?

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    Any check engine lights? Have you checked for any codes? Try checking the MAP sensor, TPS sensor, injectors, and coil packs. Also have you checked the spline inside the engine itself? Its could be stripped and sometimes it grabs, then sometimes it slips.
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    If your running only 7,500 rpm's and your buddy changed out the SC washers and he was unsure how the washers were supposed to go, I would immediately pull that SC and send it to Jerry and have him go through it.........

    That is probably your problem, you have no boost?

    Can you hear the whine of the supercharger?

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    Check out post #88 in the following post where Jerry explains the correct order of the washers, then ask your buddy if he installed them this way:

    "He may not have installed the spring washers in the correct manner.
    They go like this )()()
    Not like this )))))"


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    ok guys thanks.

    i personally think its the chrager as the ski was 100% till its was done and after it was done as soon as it cam off the trailer i knew summit was up.i put it back on and checked grate etc but nuthing.
    took her home and stripped pump etc and nuthing.

    its as if the washers are slipping down low??is this possible at all????

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