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    X-Box 360 Gamertags: Please Post Them!

    Quote Originally Posted by GPRXP Steve View Post
    Hey guys, I would like all the green hulk memebers who are also 360 live players, post up the gamertags.
    I recently had an issue with mine so I had to change and now have two.
    I will be playing with my newer one, so if anyone has the old (GPRXP Steve) you can discard it.
    My new tag is:
    (A little advertising never hurt anyone )
    RuSh I DoZ3R The o might be a zero.. I can't remember

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    GH Screen Name---------- XBOX 360 Gamer Tag
    GPRXP Steve---------------- Greenhulk net
    Hallpass ---------------------RuSh I DoZ3R
    Icerat -----------------------Tinyturkey
    stingray152003 --------------GRNcamaro
    The Godfather--------------- ACmilan3
    WFFYO ----------------------ericseal
    Inkaddict --------------------Inkaddict666
    Meirvin ----------------------Meirvin
    BM27 ------------------------hater27
    two2curupt-------------------two2curupt (only plays call of duty 4)
    liner911----------------------liner911 or gliner911
    liner911 (son)----------------mason911
    Superjetting-----------------dirty burgers
    gpr redneck------------------FlanTD
    red rider---------------------sea donkey 1
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