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    pro 785

    I have a 1998 pro785 that i bought new in 1999. When I was looking at the pro785's, I looked at a 1997 pro785. I got to test drive the 1997 pro. Was wondering what are all the differents between the 1997 and 1998. The 1997 pro seemed to have alot more power out the hole, I remember when i test drove the 1997, if you where idling and stabbed the trottle the whole bike would come out the water.

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    97 had a lighter hull, but was prone to cracking. It could be modified to stop that though.

    The 98 and newer had a bigger timing curve than the 97.

    So I guess the question is what impeller does the 98 have? The 97 uses a 3 blade swirl, most likely the 12/17.

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    I have the stock prop. The bike is completely stock.

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    You need to keep in mind that there are many factors that can cause a difference from one machine to another. With a little tweaking of the right things, you should be able to get the newer one to be just as good if not better than the older one.

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    the 98 came stock with a NUJET prop and the 97-99-00 came with a Skat Trak 12/17 to me the Nujet is not as good out of the hole as the 12/17 . there was no real difference the 98 will run as strong as any of the pros ,98 came with the better cdi in it also .

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