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    Exclamation GTI-130 3-D model

    Hi everyone, I'm new here & a lil different from the rest... I'm an animation student & I'm working on a 3-D model of Sea Doo's GTI-130. I've been able to find great pictures for reference and blueprint, and one of those close-up references led me to your site. The only view I haven't been able to find is the head on front.

    So I was wondering since everyone else here probably does have their very own Sea Doo, could anyone take a snapshot for me???

    & the assignment is due next Tuesday, so it's somewhat urgent. So sorry if it's any trouble but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask ^___^"
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    Your best bet is to go to a dealer and snap some photos yourself.
    There is not to many people here with GTI's
    Its mostly all muscle craft

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    That's what we usually do. But it took me too long to decide on what to model, and now I'm going to be stuck in Philly with no transportation til then. Center City isn't exactly a hotspot for jet skis ^^' Back home in the suburbs that'd be easy. Oh well though, thanks anyway.

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    There has to be SOMEBODY on here that can a pick for you...

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    what about they have pictures of the GTI

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