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    Has anyone here ever been on one of these tours? I was just invited but dont know anyone thats done this...Any input would be appreciated.....

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    I could offer some input...

    I took a trip recently down to Cabo San Lucas Mexico and rode in these suckers... but I just did it for a few hours and it looks like you have a 4 day trip here???

    Chit load of fun... really an adrenaline rush but a few things made it a little shaky. We went to the place and met up with the owner of the place and he was an american guy raking in some serious coin doing a profitable business in the tropics. He told us all about the sprinters and how to operate them and how we should go about doing the course and safety type lectures.... then he let us loose on this huge course with a few "guides" coming with us to make sure all was well. The only problem is the guides didn't speak english so it made it interesting when one of my buddies racer wouldn't shift out of first gear and was reving some ridiculous RPM's and only doing 10 mph... I told him to shut it down and the guides said one of two english phrases that God only knows who taught them.... "It's okay... keep riding..." I told him to get bent and to get this man a new racer which they eventually did.... lesson learned only go out with english speaking guides.

    The track was awesome, the the sprinters were fast and fun...

    Make sure you wear comfortable yet trashy clothes because you will get filthy dirty.

    The racers aren't too comfortable on the ass and back. I have developed a pretty good resistance to being uncomfortable on seats not made for comfort and bouncing up and down in a fast vehicle, but this is like something you have never felt before. IMO...4 days would be a little too long and would get old. After the third hour I was a bit sore and ready for a break... wouldn't know how I would be feeling after the 2nd day...

    Bring water or check if they give you a lot there.... you get thirty.

    Something I agree people should do once in their lifetime though!!


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    thanks !!!! That is exacly why i posted in this site....For some reason someone always comes thru with great info!!!
    I ride fourwheelers and mud trucks all the time, know all about getting dirty and all. Sopposedly they provide everything, they charge $1000 per day per person...they better have evian bottles for this price!!!!

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