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    Cleaning bar pad algae?

    Does anyone have any advice for cleaning the front handbar pad? I just recently picked up a 95 Sea Doo XP for next to nothing but the bar pad has algae stains all over it. I've tried a few different cleaners but nothing is really working.... Any thoughts?!

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    Starbrite Mildew Remover. Spray it on and leave it on for 20 min
    It works great

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Len View Post
    Starbrite Mildew Remover. Spray it on and leave it on for 20 min
    It works great
    Yeah make sure u let it sit for a little bit liek Dr. Len said.

    When algae dries out its a mother to get off but when its wet it ussualy comes off pretty easy. So whatever you use to get it off let it soak in the cleaner then start scrubbing.

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    good luck, dont be upset if it doesnt al come of, those old pads are notorious for hard to remove stains.
    WD40 will wipe off the smudge stains, like from greasy hands etc.
    also use the WD40 liberally to rub the stains off.

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    Try a Hydrogen Peroxide (Oxiclean) solution won't stain like Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach), just a thought.

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    Here is a trick I used on my 96 XP Go to auto zone buy there brand barke parts cleaner. has to be there brand. Get a clean rag. spray it on the rag and rub. do not rub to long and spray again differnt spot on rag wipe again repeat will look good as new, also works of grab bar also.

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