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    Anyone replace a gp 1200 bearing lately?

    I bought a blown up ski and found it had blown out the rear seal towards the pto and was free floating on the shaft ( i never started it, just dug in till I found the problem) I have never opened a case till this ski and was told by two different sources that the bearing on the end is suppose to either be sealed on one side or a sealed unit. Attached is a pic of bearing as it is. Bearing feels like its in food shape spins smoothlyand is tight.
    I posted this on the board over at pwctoday, but only had one response, so I guess the rest of them self proclaimed wanna be mechanics have no idea about what its suppose to look like, As for me I dont pretend to be a mecanic I just dont trust shops to do the job i ask and do it right...thanks for any inputs.
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    HI! try this in the old school section or maybe a mod can move it ?

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    nope, just a bearing no dust seal.many times you'll seal blown out from water in cylinder-hydolocked

    later cd

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    Just built an 1100 and a 1200, like chip said, no bearing shield or seals.

    What you see there is what you should have.

    Rear seal blows out to back fire, usually from air leak, bad carbs running either rich or lean or ignition problems.

    Aftermarket seals can be a problem also.

    I normally use sealer to help retain them.

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    Honda boy's right. they are all open bearings so that the oil can get in. I like to retain the shaft seals with the 1211 that seals the cases.
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    Ok thats 3 votes for no internal seals and my 1 from pwc today!

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    Lightbulb !

    Make that 4 votes..!!

    As the others have suggested either a major backfire in the crankcase...

    Or water intrusion.. H

    Have seen this first hand,

    Also i agree with your philosophy on wanting it done right.? then do it yourself..!!

    Good luck with the reassembly...

    Since you now know where to ask for advice..!!


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    all I could find was a Pic from my 1200R crank but it is basicly the same open bearings I just assembled my GP1200 cases a few weeks ago and it looks the same as yours.
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    just like all 5 of mine

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