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    worth trading 04rxp for rxpx

    I have a question for rxpx owners. I have a 2004 rxp stock and was wondering if they thougt trading for a rxpx would be a good idea as they have hopefully fixed some of the major problems of the rxp has?

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    In my own opinion and I do not have my rxpx yet (tomorrow is pick up day can't wait) but I would def, do that but just buyer beware this is the first year it is out so might have some tweaking to do so might want to put away alil extra cash just incase.

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    thanks for your opinion. Still contemplating, the rxpx looks unreal as it sits on the showfloor up here in the twin cities. I would hate to do the deal and end up finding major flaws with the rxpx. Wife would really rub it in then.

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    Yes, 100%!

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    Is that YES do the deal?

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    You gonna play with it or leave it be???

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    Just remember my friend "you gotta pay to play".... the question is, how hard do you want to play???????

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    i think someone said it was real nice. i think i read somewere on her that the intake was to big. may be big problem. where grate is. may need to do a search on it.

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    SOLD, the 06 is now the friends boat.

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