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    Pullin new ski...

    I was wanting to get some thoughts on pulling a ski with a car...

    Going to have a 10ft Shorelander trailer with a 08 FX SHO...
    I have a 05 Infiniti G35 Coupe V6 6spd manual...
    Reciver im putting on is a max weight of 1500..Ski and trailer will be about 1k pounds...Thinking no problem ging down the rode...Main conern is pulling out of water and putting in?Try to figure out if it may be to much of a load on a incline with that weight..Any info would be appreciated...

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    aside from steep/slick ramps,my guess is you'll be fine...i wouldn't use overdrive when towing to keep rpm's in optimal torque range

    you're gonna be over 1k w/trailer/fuel.ect(imo)

    thats a really nice car to be towing a ski with
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    I wouldn't use that nice G35 to tow. Go out and buy you a regular truck for under 5k and use that to pull your jet ski. The truck will become very handy.

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    i agree w/ TRD. at the end of the day if you've been on beaches you'll drag tons of sand into the g35, plus you have to watch out for steep ramps since you dont have any ground clearence when reaching the top of the ramp.

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    Car will be fine towing it. Pulling out of the ramp can be tricky but easy to get used to, use e-brake. Its up to you on getting it dirty at the beach etc..

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    So be careful on ground clearance with steep ramps...
    You guys dont think ill get in deep water or maybe not any on ramp and spin out...
    Also it being a luxury car about getting it sandy if i go to the beach...

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    a car will be fine towing. i use my 2001 lexus is300 to tow my gpr. it does guzzle down a lil bit more gas but gets the job done.

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    If you are on the coast, consider having to back that fine auto down into the salt water.
    Stress on your trans, quicker break wear (I'd bet pads for your car are not cheap) hoping you have enough ground clearance at the ramp, backing into the water (salt or not) on and on.
    Get an old beater of a truck to tow it with.

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    shoot my cars paid for. so if it breaks down, knock on wood, then i'll be gettin a truck. and yeah it is salt water i ride in.

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    Yeh im thinking ill be ok...Im going with a shorelander trailer since its a longer tongue on the trailer...Also ramos here afe not very steep...I live in East Tennessee so not any beaches close...

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