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    951 XPL rebuild advise

    Hi all

    i am rebuilding my XPL and have just dropped the engine in. I have gone prox 1ml oversize, 48ml cc billet head, carbon reeds and re jetted carbies.

    I was wondering if this combo would be good on pump fuel (98ron). I wanted to bump up the comp as high as possible without running race gas. Not sure if i went the right size so advise would be appreciated.

    I am desperate to get hold of a coffmans pipe... been so hard finding one. I live in Australia and if someone one is willing to send me one please let me know.

    I would like to drop on a coffmans and install a after market computer to do timing, but again trying to get a reply from advent ignitions is impossible. I also want to run a egt guage, and i tried to contact advent ignitions to get a guage and computer... but i think they may have closed.

    Does anyone know of any other companies making such units these days?

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    RacePak makes the best egt gauges.

    Check your squish and compression and we'll be able to tell you if it is 93 octane safe.

    I'd recommend sending your MPEM to Novi or Rotax Racng for reprogramming. No need for a rev limiter afterward, unless you get the Coffman's. It can be programmed for a Coffman too.

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    Going 1mm over, did you grind down your rave valves? If not, Click Click BOOM!

    Water4fire has a race pak for sale I believe.

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    where in aus are you

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