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    250X - The clear loser in the GH Shootout

    I'm dying to see some testing where there's some chop.

    The holeshot video really made the 250X look bad.

    I love mine though!
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    + 1.....wen,t on the 20th aniversary tour with seadoo last week to test the x models...Good ski,s but I won,t be changin anytime soon...I had a ski with that hull in 04 if what the dealers were tellin me was correct. I gotta say it felt the same....

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    Quote Originally Posted by earthshaker View Post

    I'm dyin to see some testing where there's some chop.

    The holeshot video really made the 250X look bad.

    I love mine though!
    You know the answer! Lets put it this way, I need to mod my RXT to even keep up with a 250 in the chop! Simple fact, Kawi has it's place (on top) in this market! By the way, your fluidfilm rocks! It was used Friday and Saturday on the RXT! Thank YOU!

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    Hey guys, I'm a little surprised to see the front of the kawi's hull still in the water in this pic while the other three are up and out?

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    Nice comment MRiver. Tests showed raw acceleration and quickness through buoys. Results were no real surprise to me. Look at the weight difference alone. So, we cant say stock Ultra is fastest under those conditions, big whoop. All these skis are winners. Anyone want to go head to head on storage?

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    look at the graph tho?? if you blow it up it shows the ultra having a better holeshot than what the videos show. thats pretty odd. so maybe the ultra did better than the videos made it out to be.

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    so if in glass the ultra is just 1 ski behind ,in the mildest chop the others will need binoculars to follow the ultra

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    It is what it is. The test show the Ultra as the loser. But, as mentioned above if you look at the acceleration runs on the stalker you can see the 250X is not as bad as the video. Also, look at Jason Stoyer's slalom times, the 250X is close to 2 out of the 3. This would tell me rider has a lot to do with getting the best times with more seat time maybe the 250 would of done better.

    I do not want to take anything away from the other skis or make excuses for the 250s performance. In that particular test in the conditions that day the 250X did not perform as well.

    For a ski 75#s heavier than the next closest competitor in almost ideal speed conditions I do not think the 250X did bad at all. Real life where I ride and the results would be different.

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    The Ultra is still a high quality ski, as expected from Kawasaki. And you know it has to be the rough water king, that pump is always in the water!

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    they got a slow 250x mine gps at 66.7 what the hell? are the 08 slower?

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