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    Smile js 550 spark problem

    I have a js 550 that has no spark and i was wondering if anyone could give me any directions on how to check all the components. I am a mechanic just not a jet ski mech. thank you

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    Well you need a book. You have to check the stator thats the most common part. You could buy one cheap on ebay and swap it if you have no way to test it. And no I don't know how to test it.

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    Several things it could be and you did not give much background. Did it just lose spark all of a sudden, did you just buy it after it sitting for 5 years? Have you had anything apart recently?
    First, open the wiring box & check for possible bad connections.
    If you want to start throwing parts at it, I'd start with the coil. They are usually cheap on eBay.

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