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    '98 750stx capsized

    Hello All,
    Hopefully everybody else is having a better '08 season than me. First jetski won't start, now it capsized. There is a label on the front panel which states to turn the vehicle counter-clock wise. However, the info I have gathered in this forum, it looks like the correct way is clock wise. So for future reference, what is the correct procedure for a 750stx...


    I turned it counter-clock wise...the jet ski is still running fine...this one was built to last....

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    FYI, counter clockwise is the correct way

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    Yea, I would always go with the sticker unless I had a very good reason not to. I know that my Kawasaki 900zxi rolls one way and my Polaris Virage rolls the opposite direction. So, they are not all the same.

    Good to hear that you got it right.

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    HB, you sure about the counter clockwise rotation?? If you think about this, the carbs are on the right side of the motor (as you see it from behind). You flip the ski over so now the carbs are upside down on the left side looking at the ski from the back. Now you rotate the ski counter-clockwise to right the thing. You see a problem here yet? If you rotate the ski counter clockwise, the carbs are at a vulnerable position when you turn it 90į. They are at the very bottom of the ski and under the water line. If you have water in the engine compartment(most likely), you may scoop the water right into the carbs as you rotate it up. Hydrolock is not your friend! Conversely, if you rotate it clockwise(looking at the ski from the back), the carbs are upside down and rotate up(making it impossible for water to go into the carbs) and out of any potential water that could be in the ski.

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    I know that this has been debated before. Like I mentioned, I have two skis (both have the carbs on the right side) and the manufactures recommend rolling them in opposite directions.

    I think that it has to do with water remaining in the exhaust pipe with the ski is capsized originally. If you roll the ski in the wrong direction, you could roll the water into the exhaust port(s) and into the engine.

    I can see both arguments, but I have to believe that the manufacture know best and wouldn't recommend something that would harm the engine.

    What are everybody's thoughts?

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