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Thread: help please!!

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    help please!!

    Hey, i was riding yesturday and after a few hours i was idling up a channel and went to take off and it felt like i sucked a piece or weed up or something .. i pulled over and just about flipped the ski and found nothing in the intake/impeller.. i would try to pass 3500-4000rpm and the ski would vibrate pretty badly and also cavitate so i nursed it back to the boatramp.. looking at the wear ring i see even groves worn in by the prop about 2cm towards the front of where the prop usually is with plastic shavings..
    any ideas??

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    Well it looks like your definatly gonna need a wear ring..But your gonna have to pull the pump off..Look in between the impellor blades..youll probley fiind your problem hiding there..Things like rocks and drift wood like to hide between the blades were you cant see them..

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