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    strainer... im lost

    so im trying to understand all that i read about the groco water strainer and i dont get it at all. im a complete noob when it comes to motors so i have no idea what you guys are talking about... im looking for like a completly obvious and straight forward way to install this... the simplest way possible. pictures are helpfull as well sorry but i just dont get it at all...

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    Are you running an external intercooler?

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    Hi PBRXP, the strainer is plumbed inline on the water intake which supplies water to your intercooler then to your exhaust to keep things cool. It uses sea/lake/river water for this not the water that is in the cooling system that cool's your engine i feel this maybe where you are getting confused. The water inlet pipe runs from the back of the jet pump up to your intercooler. On my ski it is a black pipe with a blue/green stipe on it about 1.25 inch in diameter. Others may want to chim in on this as mine is an 04 rxp and things could be different on other years. This is the pipe that you need to fit the strainer into it will take out any debries that could block your intercooler. you can mount the strainer to the ski with a braket some how this is probably a good idea as it will prevent it from knocking around it the ski and breaking. This would cause he ski to fill with water very quickly. I hope this helps any mre questions then just ask, thanks R8

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    yeah i have a 04 rxp so that makes it lil eaiser thanks

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    could have a red stripe on the hose

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    water line

    Your looking for the 3/4" water line comming from the pump shoe, most likely with a red stripe around it at the base. Its a black heater hose with green stripe going down the entire hose.

    Here are two pictures of my setup:
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