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    Lake Havasu Questions.....

    Myself and a few friends of mine are going to be heading down to Havasu for my Bachelor party. We already have the 19th of April lined up with work. Can someone help me out as far as the best place to stay. We will be bringing a few Doo's with us and possibly a boat. Is that usually a busy weekend? Any advice will help. Thanks in advance, Matt.

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    I like the Island Inn its great for the price and located just across from crazy horse campground. Good parking for ski's and boats
    Before the Mark Hahn I found AAA to be the best price on hotels without allot of BS added on charges on top of the hotel rate and they also had rooms in Havasu when the other BIG Travel sites stated "full" for the same hotels

    My College age son said that should be a slower weekend since most local colleges start spring break before that weekend, but I'm sure you guys true to PWCers forum will make the party without much effort

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