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    Parker AZ. Race & need a 250 to race.

    Parker Arizona Race is comming up soon.

    I would like to find a person willing to lend me a boat for this race. I will provide performance parts to inprove the boat. When I leave I will be leaving the parts on the boat. ie sponsons, ride plate, intake grate, maybe a stearing system with bars, and some minor motor mods.

    Will also have TeamMoto graphixs installed with option to leave them on.

    To me the expense to travel my unit out there then back would be more then fixing up someones ski for them.

    Any takers?

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    Fat Man, Little Boat Region8Ultra250X's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    hell of a deal for someone here.... someone will step up skip.

    my boat will be available for the rochester and ohio tour stops if you need something to ride if the cost of travel kills you

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    hilomikey's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Hilo Hawaii
    Makes me want to ride my boat all the way from Hawaii!!! Just kidding. Hope you find a boat man, that is a sweet deal.

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    have any rxp parts?

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    Australia mate fair dinkum.
    I wish i could carry more fuel I would trip over from oz....

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    Jun 2007
    Southern UK
    Hope I don,t hit an iceberg,... I better travel farther south than the Titanic. Oh and I,ll be leavin from Southampton too...How much fuel doya rekon the 250 will need?? Some one surely has to take that bait skip!!!!

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    You can take mine! O yeah, I live near you.

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    Orange County, CA
    I am in OC, Cali. A few hours from Parker. I have a blue 07. You deal is tempting. I will message you tonight...

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    Southern California
    Whats the verdict Skip? Did ya get a boat? I got someone for ya to talk to if you dont. Let me know, you still have my #.

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    Ya Im still looking. It would be great if ya could make it with some of the Offshore Team.

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