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    Easiest and most cost effective upgrade?

    Hi everyone,
    Ive been reading a lot about performance mods to seadoos and this is my first post. I just bought a 2006 rxt, I had the Supercharger washers replaced and now I'm looking to start doing some performance mods. What would be the most cost effective and easy to install mods?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Matthew K ReDevilRXP's Avatar
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    This doesnt explain cost effective mods but if your just about to start modding your ski this is a good read.

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    Thanks! That is a great article. After looking for some hull mods I found this. Not sure if its legitimate but it could have some potential. Just wondering if anyone has used it?

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    welcome to the forum. Just use search and you will find tons of information that you are looking for. In regards to a product to add to the hull i have no idea. I know many here shy away from it.
    good luck

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