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    1997 Xp Prop Help

    Hi there...

    i recently own a xp 1997 with sponsons en worx intake..
    im working on new airfilters both what prop do you guys recommend..i hear a lot about solas but wath type would do great on the 110hp xp

    thanks a plenty

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    When i had my 97xp i was seeing good results with acceleration by using the Solas XO prop.

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    XO prop and a set of 85/88 venturi/steering nozzle setup. My 97xp had awesome acceleration with that setup along with rejet and airfilters. The worx grate is good for keeping you hooked up if your in the rough, but if you use the stock grate you'll get more speed.

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    That's great info..can you tell me if there's different sizes for the XO prop?

    What is the best brand of nozzle and what means 85/88.

    thanks for answers to the nitwit questions.


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    there is only one size of an xo prop for a 140mm pump. it is made by solas. the 85/88 nozzles refer to the size of the opening of the nozzle. the pump nozzle is 85mm diameter and the steering nozzle is 88mm diameter. the only manufacturer i know of was r&d. they no longer make these nozzles so you will have to keep an eye out for a used set.

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    Thanks guyz..yur all great help

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    Dealer here says he's got a SD CD 16/24 anybody? says its about the same thing

    does anybody know if this is a good prop for the xp.


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