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    Handle Bars on UMI Steering

    I'm 5'8" and am building a BB coffmans xpl with full umi steering.

    Which bars should I get, 30.50 w , 3.00 rise, 1.50 pull back or the 29.75 width, 2.75 rise, 1.00 pull back?

    The latter seems like it would put me closer up on the ski with my hands closer together. I have the 30.50 width combo on my GSX and am not sure how much different it will be on an XPL.

    Will I even be able to tell the difference?

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    if you are looking for more options check out some moto cross bars (tag, renthal..ect). they have several different bends, widths, rises ect...

    I really dont think you would be able to tell the difference between the 2 bars you have listed there. I would get the wider one just because you can get a little better control/leverage.

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    I was pretty fond of the ProTaper SE "KX High" bars. Good pullback and height dimensions.

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