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    how bout that pipe?

    so what was the deal with the new racing pipe?? was it r and d or rrated. either way.... is it a good purchase? gains worth 200 bucks? overly loud? void warranties? bring on water?

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    The race pipe is great if your a racer . If you are a rec rider get the free flow kit .

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    But the BIG question was...What are the gains?

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    Loud as hell, some people like it some dont,its a matter of taste really. As

    for performance gains, i noticed improved acceleration and midrange pulls as

    well as around 0.5 - 1 mph over stock setup. I have an 07 that had 2

    waterboxes replaced by the straight pipe and these are the gains i got.

    I also had water leaks but thats maybe because i made the pipe myself.

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