I have noticed in some threads that their will be made mention that Yamabond is no longer available. Yamaha has changed their liquid bonding products line making them more specialized to certain applications. the discontinued stuff was Yamabond 3. Yamabond 4 is designed to cover applications such as case halves etc and is still available (ACC-BOND4-MC-00) (remember that it is siliconed based)Yamabond 5 works well for pumps etc. in areas without contaminates such as fuel and oil (ACC-YAMAB-ON-DF5) and Yamabond 7 is great for handle bar grips etc. (ACC-YAMAB-ON-D7). of course 3-bond is the original source of all these products, Skidoo,Yamaha, Kawasaki. Their bonding product for engines was part# 1104 and has been superceded by #1194. Please add any corrections and or changes that any one feels should be made.