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    Marine vinyl question?

    I figured I'll ask here... Marine vinyl for seats...
    Is there a given typical stretch factor ??

    If I pattern a seat cover off the old seat cover, is there a given factor,(sewn smaller than the old 'set stretch' cover pattern), for it to fit properly installed?

    I know that vinyl does have a percentage of stetch depending on the warp and wafe (i think thats what the name's are). That there is 2 way, 4 way and also new '3d' stretch version's . I have the 4 way type, with nylon knit backing.

    Looking 'NOT' to do this twice to get it right..
    Any tips would be appreciated.. thanks
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    Lots of variances, chances of getting it right are slim to none with no expierience, take a bulk cord to a upholstery shop and have them do it for $25
    Good luck

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    I would think that if you pattern a new cover off the old one, the worst that would happen is you have extra material that needs to be trimmed after you staple it on. . . but honestly, I learned more from your post than anything else

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    I have to disagree with it being hard. If you use the old one as a template and take your time installing the new one, it is not hard at all. You only want to stretch it enough to remove the wrinkles and make it tight. start in the middle of one end to make sure it is centered and work your way around. Make sure you use S.S. or monel staples so they don't rust up.

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    thanks for the replys... I'm wanting to do this one up myself after what a store bought cover fit like.. shiot..that was installed by a 'professional'.. first it was poorly patterned, its having been sewn in non marine vinyl ,then the 'professional' installing it with too long a staple, that went thru the covering when sat on...
    (no $'s for him, got moneys refunded)

    thankfully I bought lots of material to work with...
    guess its sew and experiment time..
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