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    Ceramic Washers blowing out..??!!!

    I heard that this was mostly due to riders switching to the synthetic blend of oil which I heard was a big no no. So are you ok with just using the mineral oil? To avoid switching washers...Above is for the 215hp and 255hp supercharged just in case.

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    No, synthetic oil is not the cause of it. I have seen brand new bone stock skis with 1 hour on them grenade the washers.

    If you are still running ceramic washers do yourself a big favor and switch them to the metal washers immediately.

    The 08 255 hp models already have metal washers. Sea Doo was smart enough to switch to metal washers in all of the 08's
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    All 08 SC models have metal washers to clarify what jerry said, not just the 255hp.

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    oh good so i don't have to switch mine. I could of sworn the rxpxs had ceramic. good news there. Id rather spend that money on REAL MODS

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    read up!!! its all in here somewhere...

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