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    Question FX160 HO with no key ?

    Hi Guys,

    I am new to the forum, I am based in Ireland, I was hoping that ye may be able to help, on the following points. A friend of mind has offered me a Yamaha FX160 HO Ski, it is a 2004 model. The key is currently lost for the ski and the owner is currently looking for it, but the ski did belong to his late son (now deceased). The ski is reasonably priced but I have not seen it yet as you can appreciate the whole deal emotional at present and may not be completed.

    • Does anybody have a Manual I can down load.
    • How big of an issues is the missing key,
    • I.E is the key coded, will the ECU need replaced,

    Thanks in advance


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    Help Needed !!!!

    Please guy I need a help out here; I have to make a decision soon and would really like to make an informed choice.


    Big Rhys

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    You can actually pull the little tab up with your fingers and the ski will start and run. That key is exactly the same for pretty much all yamahas, so a replacement should be easy to fnd.

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    I think you can get replacement coded keys from a Yamaha dealer. Check with a local dealer. Someone I know had to buy one but I think it was arround £200


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    read the manual it will inform u about the key!
    sounds like a sad deal

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