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    How much oil to pump out?

    Hi guys, i want to ask how much oil is possible to pump out during the oil change from Honda R-12X Turbo ? And how much to fill in then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RNX View Post
    Hi guys, i want to ask how much oil is possible to pump out during the oil change from Honda R-12X Turbo ? And how much to fill in then?

    Make sure the engine is warm, Pump the front tank first then the lower one ( move the tube around to get as much out as possible ) and change the filter, you may get more than 4 ltr out, Refill with 4 litre. I've used this oil from 1st change.
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    Thank you for the information, Spoons !

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    The Honda dry sump isn't really the same as a race set-up.

    It has a screened 1.5 qrt pan and looks like about 2 qrts is in the cooler and front sump section, the rest still runs around the engine like a wet system.. this is more of a way of keeping everything oiled well when its getting tossed around in the waves, it's not for extra horsepower as some would think.,. Although its better than a wet system its not a race set-up

    Now the Nitro oil check. (also known as the Nitro Method)

    1) wait 12 hrs
    2) Level engine
    3) take dipstick out of front sump
    4) put dipstick in rear sump hole (lower oil cap near turbo)
    5) Read Stick.

    Checking the oil any other way is a waste of time. if you saw the set-up inside and the oil routing you would understand that it just cant be checked right. the Nitro method is the only real way to get an accurate reading.

    I like to change oil using 4 qrts. as to not open a qrt for only .4 extra this is without a filter

    after the season i will change the filter regardless and add 4.5 qrts.

    Now For Honda Specs.

    Below is the oil chart for non and turbo models. OIL CAPACITY:

    ARX1200T3 (turbocharger model F-12X) and ARX1200T2 (R-12X Turbo 2-seater):
    4.2 liters (4.4 US qt, 3.7 Imp qt) at draining
    4.3 liters (4.5 US qt, 3.8 Imp qt) at draining/filter change
    5.3 liters (5.6 US qt, 4.7 Imp qt) at disassembly

    ARX1200N3 (Non-Turbo
    3.9 liters (4.1 US qt, 3.4 Imp qt) at draining
    4.0 liters (4.2 US qt, 3.5 Imp qt) at draining/filter change
    5.0 liters (5.3 US qt, 4.4 Imp qt) at disassembly

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    I normaly only get out four quarts, and do mine simular to Nitro;s.

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    I just did mine. First one, bought new in the end of April 2007 and had 45 hours on it when I changed it. Used Pela 6 quart pump and filled it up, dumped then almost got one more. Changed oil filter too and put back in 4.3 quarts. Mine shows via Nitro Method to be just above the bottom mark on the dip stick. I believe anywhere between the marks is a good level. The reason I didn't fill it to midway is because of the amount I pulled out. I will monitor this summer and see if I "make" oil or not. I did as exactly as Nitro shows: warm on hose, suck from top, then back drain, then removed filter and sucked all I could get out of that hole. Then filled with 4.3. Took on first ride of the season this past weekend 4/26/08 and air temp was 65 degrees I believe water was close to that maybe closer to 70. Ran like a champ. Replaced oil with Honda HP4N, and OEM Honda oil filter. It might just be me but it seemed that I was getting more RPM's ~7900 never saw that many before, and saw 59 mph on dream-o-meter
    consistently where before it would only flirt with that speed.

    Nitro, what oil does Honda use from factory?

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