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    GRATE BOLT question...

    I was pulling my Grate/plate off tonight and discovered that one of the rear bolts to the grate was snapped off

    Has anyone gone to hardened or Chrome Bolts?
    or do you want a little flex?


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    All this talk of grates wearing and bolts breaking has got me wondering.........rock solid.

    ...knock on wood.
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    Another one ???? Im afraid to even look

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    I spoke with JP, the head of the bolt snapped off ...

    We talked about replacing with harder grade bolts, but that grate/plate have been off atleast 7-8 times in the past 2-3 maybe over torque/stretch could have happen on that particular bolt ...

    We figured replacing all mounting bolts with OEM replacements, instead of a harder grade bolt...good choice?

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    Personally i would replace them with Grade 8 Bolts. This is just what i would do personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReDevilRXP View Post
    Personally i would replace them with Grade 8 Bolts. This is just what i would do personally.
    A good Idea. Torque to specs is also a good idea.

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    What grade are the bolts stock?

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    Grade 8's are going to rust and quickly. If you get them plated, they are zinc yellow chromate plated. The yellow chromate will fight corrosion longer than the normal clear chromate found on grade 5's and 2's. If you want to go grade 8, buy plain ones and send them to a plater for nickel plating. Make sure that they bake the bolts as well for hydrogen embrittlement relief.

    I would suggest switching to an A4 Stainless Bolt. Being that they are metric the A4 is equivalent to a 316 S/S. The regular bolts on the ski are A2 that is equivalent to 18-8 S/S. The A4 will have a higher carbon content in the steel that will give it more strength. Especially try to find an A4-80.

    If you really torque these bolts more than you should. You need to replace them every once in a while. Stainless Steel has a higher elongation value than carbon steel.

    If you have any fastener questions, please feel free to PM. I work for a fastener company and have many sources available to me for information.

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    u can get all tweaked about bolt grades but what everyone best do is make sure u get a LONGER BOLT for the front and thru hull bolt and nut the front bolt inside the hull for safety.........its easily done and makes things safer for us SPEED FREAKS!!!!! PERIOD!

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    same thing happenned to my middle rear head bolt was missing holding only by the 2 outer ones i got it drilled and tapped and replaced with a new one.

    i know that by filling the grate bolts will give even better speed... just like the filling the ride plate holes but then you could never tell what is happenning under that epoxy.
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