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    Installed WaveEater clips and....

    My ski has been winterized (fogger, plugs, & antifreeze). It has yamalube in it from Sept or Oct (not sure if it could be bad?). The tank is full of gas with stabil in it. Today I installed wave eater clips and then decided to start it up. I started it for about 10 seconds and then turned on the water hose. It idled fine but was smoking a lot from the smoke from the engine. But, when i'd give it gas it seems like it idles up and then idles down too slowly.....maybe the powervalves are sticking or something? I didn't remove the powervalves. I just cleaned off as much of the crud as i could and installed the wave eater clips. I'm a novice mechanic but this wasn't a hard install. Could I have done something wrong or does it normally smoke like that after it's been winterized? After about 1 or 2 minutes i shut off the water and then blew out the water and turned it off. Do you guys thing I might have a problem or does this sound normal? Thanks!

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    If your not doing something, its hard to screw up. stlouisramsfan's Avatar
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    thats normal for first start up and on the hose

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