started this forum because people dont seem to be reading the other forum with a simler name. I have a poraris msx 150 and it was running fine then i took it out last summer and after about 5-10 secs the rpm was limeted to arounnd 4500. Seems the ecu is doing that i looked at it in the sea checking the turbo pipes and waste gate as thats what clogged before but all that seems fine so i took it out the sea and noticed it was smoking loads and has used all its oil nearly. The engine starts and ticks over perfect but uses oil fast smokes red lights on and limeted to around 4500. I cant take it anywere because im in the uk and no one wants anything to do with polaris and no one has the computer equipment to see any codes is there any seals in the turbo that could of gone as when i fixed the waste gate i could of make the boost set to high cousing somthing to blow is this possible any help please.