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Thread: Need More Power

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    Need More Power

    If you guys remember last july I had bought a sltx from one of my buddies here on the forum. Well I finally got it rebuilt and runs great it has approximently 8 hrs on it right now. Carbs have been jetted and it has a tdr waterbox. Well ive gone out the past two weekends, and I want more power. obviously the easy solution is the 1200 but I just rebuilt this one. So if i could get some ideas on what to do it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot.

    These are the mods I was pondering on thus far:
    Trim nozzle (for rough water)
    Triple pipes
    jet works
    prop (just dont know what one to get)

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    What RPM are you seeing at WOT on flat water?

    What GPS speed are you achieving?

    It is stable at speed, or porpoising (nose strongly bobbing up and down)?

    Triple pipes WILL give you more power, but they are expensive, and hard to come by. Lots of work fitting them in, and re-tuning the carbs to work with them.

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    If you do tripples you will want bigger carbs and manifolds!!! The pipes will net you by far the most HP. Also consider aftermarket high compression heads.

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    Thanks where would I find all of this. If you have links and what not. I google for polaris things all the time and never find anything aftermarket for mods. I always find for oem parts.

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    First thing I would do is get higher compression bang for the buck!

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    Thanks. Like I have stated above any help for places that I can find these parts would be great.

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    1 can do your heads for some nice improvement.

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    There are plenty of guys on this forum that have the parts you are wanting. I would make some posts about what you want and I'm sure some guys will come through. You could also try Randy at Watcon, Jay at Atlantic sports...and then there is always ebay! Many of these things show up on ebay all the time.

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    Also check out Hot Seat stuff at and for ideas or parts and services. Randy at is very knowledgable about Polaris and doesn't mind sharing his expertise with us. Very good price for high compression heads.

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    Thanks for all the help guys. Im definitly going to start looking into some of this stuff. Ill keep all of you posted on mods and so forth.

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