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    140 deg merc thermostate

    for those of you makeing your own 160 deg thermostate i see merc has a 140 deg thermostate out of the 4.3 engine looks the same as the 160 deg so i bought one to make mine

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    You don't want the engine to run too cool. Why did you decide on the 140?

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    because the new rr thermostate runs cooler i think it about 128 or a 138 deg. but i did notice the 140 is made a little different the stock seadoo thermostate, it has a 2 springs with a large flange at the bottom where the merc 140 is a single spring like a car. i need to check if it maces a difference

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    i dont think the merc 140 deg thermostate will work so i'm going with the merc 160 deg thermostate that kinchyle had found it look the same as the seadoo thermostate

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