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    took the new rxp out for the first time today

    so put the new skis in (my rxp and my dads rxt) and we head out..easing it up into the rpm range then backin it down and so forth. at this point weve been on them about 30 minutes and as we are passing the dock in turn the ski off and list the seat..just to see that nothing is leaking.

    welp i turn the ski back on trid to give it a little throttle. at 3000rpms i got heavy cavitation and didnt go newere. the only logical explanation is i got somethin in the prop. put it on the trailor and sure enough a huge stick was wedged in there. dunno if nebody on these board sis from jersey but i ride on the raritan river a lot(like 3 min from my house) which is right next to rutgers and highland park..ect. well this river has a enormous amout of sh*t in it. just to give u an idea ...there is a basketball hoop that has anchored itself in the middle of the river. usually it drifts about 20yards form where we saw it last time we were out ridin. i havent seen it in a while so who nows.

    neway i was kind pissed that within the first 30min of bein on my ne machine i get a huge stick in my prop. i tried to take the grate off but they got some kinda glue or sumthin holding the one side on. nebody know of a wat to get that out. mayb heat gun?

    i did a few short 5 second wot bursts and i only got 7700 rpms and 64mph on the speedo. im sure the oil is overfilled but i didnt have time to check it when i got out. hope thats the usually is. and its only got less than 2 hours on it so..mayb i just need to break it in more before i start complainig about it.

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    You will start seeing better numbers as time goes on with more hours! I hope you don't have any more stuff from the river getting caught in your grate! Have fun with your new ride!

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    almost everytime we go out somebody gets sumthin caught in thier prop, last time it was one of my buddies got a bottle cap. just have to be extra carefull. ihad a little prop damage but i think it was from my screw driver when i was trin to break the stick. i was plannin on getting a ppg prop next week neway. anybody know how to get the grate off with the "glue" on one end? te glue looks clear and is very strong..i weight 220lbs and i couldnt budge it. ne ideas?

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