R5WaterXRacing,LLC is proud to announce that SEA-DOO will be one of the TOP sponsors for the 2008 R5WaterXRacing Tour! R5WaterXRacing is VERY excited to apart of the SEA-DOO team and is proud to be involved and offer the 2008 SEA-DOO X-Bounty to all Closed Course racers in Region 5.
R5WaterXRacing would like to thank Tim Mckercher and SEA-DOO for this oppurtunity and support for Region 5.
Every year SEA-DOO raises the bar to support the sport and regional racing and makes sure that regional promoters have the support to be able to offer the best venues and racing possible. For that R5WaterXRacing would again like to thank Tim McKercher and SEA-DOO for all the hard work and support they put forth.
Please visit www.r5waterxracing.com for more information and to view the Press Releases form SEA-DOO. You can also view and download the SEA-DOO X-Bounty contingency form.