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    96 Sl 900 Helppp!

    the ski ran great before i had this problem. i dont know what is wrong. last year after buying that electrical box off of here i replaced it and still was getting the same result from the ski (no starting). the electrical box it self was making clicking sounds. right where the reley switch was. so then i was told that it may be the starter. bought a new one off ebay went to replace it last summer and the head of the starter that has the black rubber rings on it broke off and was stuck. with that happening the only way i was able to get that piece out was to yank the motor out of the skii and open up where the stator is and hamemer it out from the inside. now that i have the motor out i just wanna mint it out so that when i have it on the water this summer i would like to be confident that i will have minimal problems with it, if any.

    i have the entire ski apart. the hull is empty and waiting to be cleaned... the engine is at my buddys shop waiting for the next step. aside from rebuilding the carbs cause they were crapped up last summer.... what else would you suggest i do? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The entire manual can be downloaded in the tech section. Go through it and decide what you want to do. Def clean the carbs.

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    I would run thru the whole fuel system,Drain and clean tank,new fuel lines,check fuel pick-up,rebuild fuel pump,clean water seperator, check selector valve. Yep,that would make me feel better knowing that's good to go.

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    thanks for your suggestions i really appreciate it.

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