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    Question RXX ECU in an 01' RX, supporting mods?

    Hi guys,

    I have a 2001 RX recently rebuilt with 0.5mm oversized pistons and an open filter for the carbs. Can I install an RXX ECU, with my ski as is, and expect any gains? Would the gains be worth it, or would I need to buy more performance parts for it to make a good difference?

    Thanks for your advice,


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    no gains, in fact would run like shit. If your running a stock pipe you can get your MPEM/ECU reprogrammed to match your mild mods but prob won't offer much. How you rejetted the carbs for the open F/A or you'll blow it up.


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    Hey, thanks for the tip. Now new MPEM then, lol... The carbs were re-jetted, but I don't know what # jets were put in. I have worked on race cars, so I do know some wrenching, but have never worked on jetskis. The ski actually still needs a little carb fine-tuning between low-end and mid-range transition, where it seems to bog if I keep it there. If I just come off idle and keep accelerating, relatively quickly, to high rpms it'll transition great. If I try to run it at between 3,000-5,000 rpms, it will start to bog. Any ideas?

    Thanks again for the advice.


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    I would pull the carbs and verify jetting. Then clean the accelerator pump orifice with carb cleaner, as it clogs easily.

    The jetting sounds off to bog between 3-5k though, or your RAVES are opening too early. Can you post a pic of your engine?

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    Ill try and take a pic during the weekend when I get back home. My raves are adjusted with the red part flush with the black housing. They have always been like this with no problems, unless the open filter and .5mm over bore require me to screw them down a little. Thanks for helping me shed some light on this.


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