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    Post Polaris high end cut out

    Have a 99 Genesis fuel injected. Ski used to run 60, 45 is all I can get now feels like it surges at top end. Runs good other than that. Compression is good. Replaced plugs.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Do you know if the Polaris Service Bulletins for this model were performed? 1999 was the first year for Polaris Ficht fuel injection, and I think there were some updates.

    You may have a failing Throttle Position Sensor (TPS).

    Might also want to try trimming the spark plug leads 1/4 inch and reattaching to the spark plug boots.

    Download the Service Manual, and work through the diagnostics section as best you can.

    How long have you had your 1999 Genesis i?

    I suggest you edit your thread title to mention the model and year, so more folks will drop in with help.

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    how do the plugs look?

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    go back out record your rpms , make sure your plugs are gapped at no more than .032

    what kinda compression is it runing ?

    maybe one of the reeds bit the dust ,

    better yet will it rev fully on the trailer ?

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    Bigdd, welcome to the Grenn Hulk!!

    I would suspect the TPS sensor or fuel pressure.

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    Check your fuel filter for water.

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