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Thread: F-15x weight

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    F-15x weight

    Riddle me this:

    How is it that the Honda is 2 inches wider and 1 inch longer than the Ultra 250X, but it weighs so much less.

    Dry weight on the Kawi is listed at 917 lbs (but GH measured 936)

    Wet weight on the Honda is listed as 961 lbs with a full tank of fuel. Deduct 18.5 gallons of fuel at 6.25 lbs per gallon (115 lbs total), and the ski weight is 846 lbs. Deduct a few quarts of oil, and it would be even lower. That's at least 70 lbs difference.

    I know the ski designs are different, and I'm guessing the supercharger is heavier than the turbocharger, but still that seems weird, no? Kawi has a bigger fuel tank by two gallons and adjustable steering, but that doesn't explain it.

    Any ideas?

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    FYI - I'm aware that the hull could be lighter, but that's almost worrisome - would that mean that the Honda couldn't take rough water like the Kawi?

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    The Honda has the strongest hull there is. It is a double layer FRP with a flotation foam sandwich in between layers, like my Allison Boat. I have been white water rafting many times on my Honda and all I have gotten was gel-coat damage from the rocks.

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    Ultra SC wieghs around 36lbs
    Ultra IC wieghs around 22 lbs
    Ultra Hull is thicker then most, it wieghs 426 lbs. for the hull alone.

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