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    ultra 150 baterry running dead alot

    hey i have a 2001 ultra 150 but the bettery keeps dying dony know y if i charge it sunday before i go out its find but by the next sunday its almost dead...any ideas what is the problem

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    Sounds like its time for a new battery.

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    its a brand new battery

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    Sounds like there is something drawing it down. Try putting a digital volt meter inline with the + lead at the battery. With the key off there should be no current draw. You could also put it across the battery while it is running to be sure it is charging. A defective voltage regulator could cause your symptoms.

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    ok i will try that thanks

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    You are turning the key off when not in use right??

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    ye i do turn it off

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    I had to replace my thermostate sensor, because the batter light would blink red. After thati had to replace the whole electrical system

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