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    R-12X Surges and then RPMs drop. GURUs please help

    I have an issue with '03 R-12X. The ski is bone stock. My issue is where at WOT in flat water the ski will run 6100-6200 RPMs for about 15 seconds and then it the RPMS will drop to 5800 and then surge to 6200 and then back down to 5800 and then 6200. It will do this.

    No codes are thrown. I have heard many different theories on what it could be. I am not very technical and I dont understand most of the info people are passing along.

    Can someone please help me out.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm still waiting for the test results i ask for you to do last year with the same post. What did you find out?

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    I didnt realize that the test was directed towards me. I thought it was towards another person who was having the issue.

    I wont be able to do this test as my ski is still winterized. (not riding weather here in NY)

    I apologize for the double thread. I didnt realize the other thread was "still alive"

    If it losing boost which I think Wilson311 discovered what could it be then?


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    You can always top (new post) your old threads to keep them alive. That way you get more history.

    Anyway, at this point I would be sure to lubricate the waste gate diaphragm rod and pivot linkage to be sure it is not sticking before you do anything else.

    Then go try it and report back.

    Look near #13 and you will see the pivot linkage on your ski that needs to be periodically lubricated.


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    What type of lube do you recommend?

    Thanks for all your help.

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    I use the CRC heavy duty corrosion block, but you can use most any of the CRC lubricants, such as 256.

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    I have always used CRC 656 after every ride and I used it heavily on the wastegate and turbo area.

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