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Thread: Broken Reverse

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    Broken Reverse

    Hi All,

    Just after some advice. I have a 2005 model RXP 2 seater with an aftermarket ECU and supercharger making around 300hp.
    However twice in the past two months, I have had the reverse reverse snap off. At first I thought it may have been damaged, but the second time, we werent even going that fast, just idling, tried to avoid going over a rope, so used reverse and it snapped - bloody annoying especially since we ended up destroying the rope as it got wrapped around the shaft.

    Is there anyone that makes an aftermarket bucket that is stronger than the standars, or is there anyone that has some advice.


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    How fast were you going when you hit reverse? You should only use reverse at slow speeds.

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    My friend broke his reverse bucket also. He was gunning it when he put it in reverse. I've never had a problem, but I just bring it a little above idle when I put it in reverse.

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    I know sh*t about sh*t, but will the boat (s150) reverse buckets fit the skis?

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    The first one we broke doing about 30 to 40k and then put it into reverse, which I can understnd why it broke, but I didn't expect it to.
    However the second time we were barely at idele speed, put it into reverse and gave it a squirt to avoid the rope and bang she broke.

    I have seen guys on these before do dives by ripping up reverse at speed and theres doesn't break so there must be some that are stronger.

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